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Water Heater Doctor

We Do Tankless
Water Heaters
Fast Service
Affordable Prices
Best Tanks
Best Technicians
Best Warranty
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Military Discounts
Compare Gas Tank Gas Tankless
Lower up front, higher over lifetime
Higher up front, lower over time
10-15 years
15-20 years
During power outage
100% gas dependent units will keep providing hot water
No hot water
Efficiency Rating
60% + | stand by heat loss
95%+ Efficeincy
6-10 year tank/parts
15 year heat exchanger, 5 year remaning parts
Hot water capacity
Limited to size of tank. Typically 40-75 gallons
No holding tank, endless hot water
Energy Savings
$100-$500 yearly depending on household usage
More space needed to hold heater water
Less space needed, hangs on wall
Stand by heat loss
Yes. Water is always heated weather or your using it or not
No. Water isn't heated until needed
Most models self cleaning. Very minimal maintaince requried
Yearly mainteance needed
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