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What is a power direct vent water heater?

A power direct vent water heater combines aspects of both power vent and direct vent systems. It uses outside air for combustion, like a direct vent model, but also uses a power vent or blower to force exhaust gases out of the home, similar to a power vent model.

The benefit of this combination is that it allows for more flexible installation. Power direct vent water heaters do not need to be placed near an exterior wall, as they can use long venting runs to expel gases outside. They’re ideal for homes without a chimney, or for installation in closed spaces where indoor air quality is a concern.

Like direct vent models, power direct vent water heaters have two vents, one for fresh air intake and another for exhaust. However, because it uses a powered fan or blower for venting, it requires an electrical connection.

Power direct vent water heaters provide excellent efficiency and safety, as they’re sealed systems that keep combustion gases contained. However, they’re more expensive to purchase and install than traditional water heaters. They also produce some operational noise due to the fan.

Choosing the right type of water heater depends on your home’s layout, your hot water needs, energy considerations, and your budget. At Water Heater Doctor, we have the expertise to help you choose the most appropriate water heater for your situation, and we provide professional installation and ongoing service to ensure your system operates safely and efficiently.

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